The Top Ten Most Inspirational Movies You Must Watch

There are a million bunch of movies made all over the world. Its industry is a success for it is one of most popular kind of entertainment to people.

You probably haven’t watched half of all the movies all over the world yet but one thing’s for sure. At least half of all the movies that you’ve already watch gave you whirlwind of emotions. It made you laugh out loud until you can’t even breathe, until it made you scream and tremble in horror and fear, and most especially, there are movies that made you cry for its meaningful and life changing themes.

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There are movies that are popular all around the world for its heartbreaking but at the same heartwarming stories. Movies that made you feel a roller coaster of emotions and made a big impact and realization of life to you. Some inspirational movies are based from true to life stories and some are from the excellent and consolidated minds of its producer’s team.

Being the best movie is way different from being the most inspirational movie. A movie is said to be the best when it’s a jaw dropping awesome movie because of its good screen play, for real action scene, graphics or effects. A movie, on the other hand, is said to be inspirational when it has given a great impact to the heart of audience that they would not surely forget. Now, do you want to watch an inspirational movie? Below are the most inspirational movies you must watch out for and not miss off:

  1. Pursuit of Happyness. It is an American biographical drama movie released by Columbia Pictures on 2006 based on the true to life one-year-struggling of an on-and-off-homeless salesman, Chris Gardner together with his son Christopher Jr. Gardner who was inspired by his own son to pursue and work hard to give the best for his son and for his attempt to a professional and fulltime on a firm. Gardner’s character was portrayed by Will Smith. Gardner son portrayed by Will Smith son, Jaden Smith. The screen play of the movie was based on bestselling memoir of Gardner himself and Quincy Troupe. The movie teaches to work hard with confidence, patience and strong willpower and set up mind to be able to reach any goal. The story behind the incorrect spelling of the ‘happiness’ to ‘happyness’ came from Chris who saw the word on a graffiti wall outside his son’s daycare facility.
  2. Forrest Gump. An American epic rom-com and drama film of 1994 based on the novel of Winston Groom of the same title in 1986 starring Tom Hanks as the lead character. The movie was about the character of Forrest Gump who was a slow and mentally-challenged individual and athletically extraordinary local of Alabama, who had an inspirational life for he has witnessed accidently first-hand some of the most significant historical events on United States of the 2oth century. He simply just talks about what he witnessed on random people at the bus stop. His love interest in the movie was Jenny Curran, who eludes him.
  3. Cast Away. Played by two-time Oscar award winner Tom Hanks as the lead character and directed/produced by Robert Zemeckis, an Academy award winning filmmaker, the movie’s story depicted the life of a FedEx employee who met a plane crash on his way to deliver packages and was stranded on a deserted island in the South Pacific. The film tackled his surviving attempts on the island using his plane’s cargo remnants and the island resources. The adventure and drama film was a successful movie in America on 2000. The story teaches the audience to accept the blessings and headaches of fate and the strength of your survival spirit. Basically, the ‘never giving up’ spirit.
  4. Play it forward. A drama film on 2000 in America based on Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel, with the same name. The film is about a school boy who was inspired by his teacher to take a chance and make the world be a better place. He has thought the idea of giving back a favor by doing well to others. This inspirational movie shows the value of selflessness. That whoever you are and whatever you have in life, you can always change someone’s life even in the smallest thing possible. The title describes the expression, ‘the one who received a good deed from someone repays the deed to other people instead of giving it back to the original someone’.
  5. Slumdog Millionaire. A 2008 drama film on British, set in India, adapted from the novel Q and A by Indian diplomat and author Vikas Swarup. The film’s story was about how the life of a Mumbai slum boy named Jamal Malik has changed rapidly when he joined the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Indian Version. Coincidently, all the questions on the game have relativity to the previous events in his life so he had answered every question on the game correctly, which in return, brought suspicion of him cheating so he was arrested. On the interrogation, he continued telling why he knows the answers to the famous game’s questions.
  6. Remember the Titans. A sports drama movie on 2000 in America based on the true to life story of an American African coach Herman Boone who tried to introduce the racially dividing of football team at a high school in Washington DC. The story teaches the act of camaraderie and learning to trust each other for a team to be one in achieving a goal.
  7. October Sky. A film based on the book entitled Rocket Boys and from the true to life story of Homer Hickam, a coal miner’s son. He sees that every boy at their place grows up to be also coal miners and he can see he’s not going to be an exception. Until he decided to study about rocket science though it was against his father’s will. He was inspired about rocketry when the first Sputnik flew in the sky sometime in October. And that’s when the big change in his life started. It is a film that a rag can really become rich, that nothing is impossible when you dream and to triumph despite all the trials in your life.
  8. Freedom Writers. A 2007 film based from the book of teacher Erin Gruwell entitled ‘The Freedom Writers Diary’ which she also based on the ‘Freedom Riders’ play on a high school in Long Beach California. The film is about a teacher who cares for her students dearly, fighting for them, giving them lessons about life and inspiring them to pursue education after high school. The story only shows that with courage and patience, you can achieve victory in life.
  9. 42. A 2013 American sports film based on the biography of Jackie Robinson, a baseball legend. The story began in 1945 when Jackie signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers until his rookie season on 1947 where he ruined the color obstacle on the Major League Baseball. The movie inspires you to never give up, never lose hope for your dream and take the leap vigorously when opportunity comes.
  10. Soul Surfer. An American drama film of 2011 about the true to life story of a teenage surfer girl, Bethany Hamilton who was right armed impaired, because of an incident of shark attack but still has overcome this phase in her life and still enabled her to get back to the water and continue her passion for surfing. The film was an adaptation of Hamilton’s owned autobiography book entitled Soul Surfer: A true story of faith, family and Fighting to Get Back on Board. She co-wrote the book with Sheryl Berk and Rick Bundschuh. The movie teaches about faith, love and great family support. And that even in the most difficult times, you can still achieve your goal.

Movies based on true to life stories or not give you total entertainment. It inspires you about life and encourages you to be just like mostly what a lead character in a movie is.