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Action movies

Die another day

During the scene, James hides behind the “Invisible car.” With cameras projecting the image of space on the other side, shouldn’t James been sceen?

(1981) For your eyes only

At the end of the James Bond movie “For your eyes only” Boand and his friends go to a Greek monastery to retrieve a top-secret British submarine tracking device. Inside the monastery is a skater, (Bibi Dahl, played by Lynn-Holly Johnson).

There is a scene where she clearly has her hair in pig tails – her hair is braided. A moment later, her braids have mysteriously disappeared. This scene is about 7-10 minutes from the end of the movie.

15 Minutes

At this point in the movie Eddie Flemming (Robert Deniro) is going to be killed, and the killer puts a rose into his suit. When he does this the petals of the rose are on it but if you keep on watching you will see that the petals come off and are back on again.

2 Fast 2 Furious

Right at the beginning, Bryan has 4 mins to get to the first race… he gets there in time… and then as he gets out of the car some girls in the background shout ” we love you paul ” – as its paul walker getting out of car – yet his screen name is BRYAN… couldn’t believe that myself even!! watch out for it in the cinema.

Hey just been to see the film again !! great stuff. and the blooper i submitted above – about someone shouting ‘we love you paul’ is definatly there, even got people to listen out for it !!

I looked for the blooper below it about the front screen being kicked out (and it was as it was all shot out with bullet holes) and then in the next shot you see it slide off the edge of the bonnet – which it probably would do, so it can still be seen in the next shot, so i dont think that is an offical blooper as you see what happens to the glass. (((the blooper submitted by jessestar))) but still a great film, and those apartments!!! I wanted to see how I could rent one just to experience those views and found this website where you can rent apartments in Barcelona for like a month. Not a bad way to go!

in the scene in the Florida keys, Bryan and roman suppose to meet the bad guy at an air strip. yet at the part where you see the plane and the swat team moving in to make a bust. look in the background and you’ll see hills. their are no hills in the Florida keys.

This is not a blooper, just an affirmation of “Orlando’s” blooper stating that there are no hills in the Florida Keys, I live in Marathon in the middle of the Florida keys, have lived in the keys since 1970 and have lived in rent from one end of the keys to the other, and can say with complete certainty that any “hills” in the Florida Keys are garbage dumps. Everything else is flat or wet.

24 Season 1 (12:00 till 1:00)

When Jack Baur is getting changed near his locker, he puts on a blue shirt, and tries to put his collar down.

But its up at the back.

He bends down and grabs his shoes. It then cuts to a different camera where he stands up still holding those shoes…. but yet the collar is perfectly neat!

But yet, he was holding those shoes all the time!

48 hours

Cates had handcuffed Reggie and when they drive in the car around a corner you can see the Reggies left arm ist on top of the car seat and the other ones down in his lap.

In the next scene you can see how his hands are handcuffed again