Dead Alive Review

Dead Alive

Dead Alive, definitely one of the GORIEST FRIGHT FILMS OF ALL TIME!!! A splatter comedy so mixed-up in it’s gruesome plot, that it turns out to be a perfect twist of comedy, horror, and gore all in one.

The jokes are funny, the story is cool, and the breathtaking state-of-the-art special-effects are incredible! Found it funny that there was a scene where the extra had on a necklace with a butterfly (so not on theme!)

In all of my time of watching movies of this genre, I’ve never experienced a movie with so much blood, guts, limbs, gruesome mutilations, and make-up/gore-effects of this monumental proportion.

Not only was I in awe, but I was also in disgust as well.

Director Peter Jackson, also known for his other New Zealand splatter comedy Bad Taste, his off-the-wall puppet comedy smash Meet The Feebles, and his US picture The Frighteners, he does and goes where no other directors dare.

He isn’t afraid to put together a film so rumpus, so wild, and so bizarre like Dead Alive, and that’s what I admire about him the most.

In Dead Alive, we see a Samaratan Rat Monkey, a nerdy rich boy and his girlfriend who are brought together by fate which was foretold by her grandmother, a very possessive mother, and a perverted uncle, as well as many other different characters.

When the bad spirit of the Rat Monkey is let free after biting poor Lionel’s mum in the arm, she slowly but surely turns into a gruesome looking zombie, sucking friends into a ghoulish nightmare of gore.

Drugged-up with tranquilizers, mutilated zombies are locked up in Lionel’s basement, while he tries his hardest to not have his horrifying secret revealed.

Soon, a party is thrown in his mansion with tons of guests and that’s when all the gruesome gore begins.

With non-stop gore, contortions, dismemberment’s, comic violence, gross-out and bathroom humor, state-of-the-art special-effects, and outrageous situations, it all adds up to be one of the most bizarre endings ever recorded and one of the BLOODIEST FILMS IN CINEMATIC HISTORY!!!