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Three men and a baby

The scene where Jack invites his mom over to take care of Mary. There’s NO WAY it’s a ghost boy behind the curtain, but I also don’t think it’s a cardboard cut out of Ted Dansion.

It must be a child cardboard cut out Or who knows !!! wooooooo woooooo (booooooo)

Ok, it is not a cardboard cutout, slowdown the scene, you can see the boy’s head turn and watch them go by and don’t you think during editing they would have noticed that there was a boy on the set, yes they did, they tried to edit it out but it wouldn’t let them.

I don’t know why though. and the shotgun was a move of the curtains that formed the shape look later in the seen and it is not their

“Half Baked”

This isn’t actually a blooper, just a correction for your site regarding Half Baked Movie. I actually worked on the set of “Half Baked” and that “blooper” was intentional.

The whole idea, although it was subliminal, was that he was turning into something else, and his attire “magically” changed to show what he was turning into, a pothead.

After all, who else, besides hippies and potheads, wear tie-dye shirts? Let me know if you have any questions. p.s. Cool site!


Just to clear up all this crap about “SEX” in the dust, i found this on the website: and watched the movie again.

It does say SFX Another famous piece of Trivia concerning Disney movies revolves around The Lion King. When Simba flops down and the dust flies in the air, it does not say SEX.

The special effects crew wanted to give themselves a tribute in the film, and thus, it spells SFX. Not ‘SEX’ as some people have pointed out. (This info came from someone who worked there last summer.)


After the McCallister family oversleeps (due to a power failure) there’s a shot of everyone frantically running around to get ready to head for the airport, so as to not miss their plane to Europe.

The exact same shot of one of the older girls running up the stairs (and avoiding a sibling running down) is used twice in a matter of seconds.

Guess the chaos in front of the camera extended to the editing room as well!

3 Nijas Knuckle Up

After the battle at the paper area the nijas escape through the sewer. When they came out of the sewer they were wet and dirty with dryed dirt stains on their clothes.

The camera showed another area at same setting. When they showed the nijas two seconds later they were dry and clean.

How High

Yet another weed induced, get high movie. This one’s a bit over the top at times, but when you have Method Man and Redman side by side, their chemistry is pretty solid. There are so many scenes though, that are just unbelievable. I mean its so obvious they are always high, and they never really get caught. All I know, is that I smoked in college, and they hit me with a Confirmbioscience saliva test and I was shaking in fear. Not so funny in real life!