Drama Movie Reviews and Opinions


2 weeks notice

In the scene where the man is thrusting his penis into her ear, the ear has on an ear ring. then in the next shot, where he is splooging in her ear, the ear ring is gone because she didn’t want her ear ring to get sticky on account of the penis paste.


During the first bar scene, Mickey returns to the table where his teammates are and sits down with a short glass containing a clear drink with ice.

After learning Joe D. is throwing out the first pitch at the game the next day, he gets upset and decides to get a stronger drink.

The scene cuts from a close up of Mickey with the drink to an overhead of the entire table, where Mickey gets up with a tall glass of beer in his hand instead of the drink he had in the previous shot.

8 mile

I found this one when I was watching the DVD. At the point where Eminem and Brittany Murphy are having sex in the plant, a guy runs past them in the back. It only is like a split second, and he runs very fast.

When Rabbit is carrying Lily to tuck her into bed as soon as he walks in her room you could see his real daughter Hailie on the bed and she runs out real quickly.

84 Charring Cross Road

When the Anne Bancroft character is making a list for a food parcel to send to the Anthony Hopkins character in the bookstore at 84 Charring Cross Road, she is using a pencil with an arrow tip shaped eraser which you attach to the end of a pencil.

I don’t believe those were available in the years leading up to 1953, when this movie was set.

A Beautiful Mind

Russel Crowe(John) and his wife have thier child , she leaves child alone with him . she investigates noises from shed (military noises), Russel Crowe is bathing thier “daughter” in the bathtub. Later in life as Russel Crowe is going to work , his wife see’s him and his “son” off to school . ~(Daughter becomes son) This is a “Major” blooper ~

Alicia is shown holding a burnt orange Tupperware bowl in their kitchen — this style of bowls was not sold by Tupperware until the 70’s- many years after this scene was to have taken place.

Also the boom mike was noticeable in 7-8 different frames – sometimes in the top center, once noticeable in the left upper corner. One particular scene I remember is when Alicia comes into Professor Nash’s room, when an MP is guarding the door.

In their 1950’s kitchen, John’s wife is putting food in the frig in orange Tupperware style that was not available until the 1970s. Any woman would notice that!!!!

If John is really hallucinating, and none of those people are real, then how exactly did Charles push John’s desk out the window? That was not a hallucination, there were students below that saw the desk as it hit the ground.

During these several different camera shots, his hankerchief in his breast pocket dances around quite a bit.

When Russell Crowe is moving into his dorm there is a piece of music playing by ‘Hildegard’. If the movie takes place earlier on, then this is a problem- since this particular piece of music was not discovered until the mid-late 80s.

They casted Jennifer Connelly in the role of his wife. She’s portrayed as a pseudo-southern belle. In reality, his wife is of Central American(i believe El Salvadoran) descent.